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Distinguished Fellows
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AMS Distinguished Fellows

In 1990 the Board of Governors of the Academy of Marketing Science recommended the establishment of the honorary designation of "Distinguished Fellow," which would be available for award to a limited number of members (Fellows) in recognition of their exemplary service to the Academy over a sustained period of time. This designation is separate and distinct from the Academy's annual "Outstanding Marketing Educator" award which emphasizes distinguished research and publication productivity, and which is open to members and non-members alike.

"Distinguished Fellow" designees are expected to be dedicated members (Fellows) of the Academy of Marketing Science. The Goals and Objectives of the Academy, as published in the annual membership roster and elsewhere, provide broad guidance in the selection process. The designation is in perpetuity, except when specifically revoked by the Academy for cause.

Not more that ten percent of the active members (Fellows) of the Academy could hold the "Distinguished Fellow" designation at a given time. During each of the initial five years a maximum of 15 members (Fellows) could be awarded the designation. In each subsequent year a maximum of five members (Fellows) could be awarded the designation, within the limitation that the resulting number of active designees could not exceed ten percent of the Academy's active membership at that time. Designees who subsequently are retired, deceased or otherwise become inactive in the Academy would not be counted as part of the ten percent maxima.

Selection of "Distinguished Fellow" designee is made by an appropriate committee of the Board of Governors, which in turn submits its selections to the Academy's Executive Council for confirmation. The Officers and the Board of Governors proudly announce the designees of the "Distinguished Fellow" award to the following individuals:


  • Gerald Albaum
  • Peter Banting
  • Harold W. Berkman
  • Michael Czinkota
  • Paul E. Green
  • Douglass Hawes
  • Roger L. Jenkins
  • Robert L. King
  • Vishnu H. Kirpalani
  • David L. Kurtz
  • Irene Lange
  • Robert H. Luke
  • C.P. Rao
  • A. Coskun Samli
  • Stanley J. Shapiro


  • Roy Adler
  • Kent Granzin
  • Stanley Hollander
  • Jay D. Lindquist
  • James R. Lumpkin
  • Naresh Malhotra
  • John T. Mentzer
  • M. Joseph Sirgy


  • William R. Darden
  • Charles W. Lamb
  • Barry Mason
  • Robert A. Peterson


  • Kathleen A. Krentler
  • Jagdish N. Sheth


  • Lyn S. Amine
  • Jill S. Attaway
  • Sharon E. Beatty
  • Ken Grant


  • Dhruv Grewal
  • Joseph F. Hair, Jr.


  • P. Rajan Varadarajan


  • A. Parasuraman
  • Michel Laroche
  • Roger Kerin



  • Leonard L. Berry
  • Jean Charles Chebat



  • Julie Baker
  • John Ford
  • Barry J. Babin


  • Victoria Crittenden
  • O.C. Ferrell




  • Adel El-Ansary
  • Greg Marshall


  • Rosann Spiro
  • Bodo Schlegelmilch


  • Leyland Pitt
  • Mike Ewing



  • Adilson Borges
  • Nicholas Paparoidamis
  • William B. Locander



"Distinguished Professor" Award

In 1988, Harold W. Berkman was honored as the Academy of Marketing Science Distinguished Professor. Dr. Berkman has distinguished himself as the founder of the Academy of Marketing Science and the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS). Futher, as executive vice president/director, he has helped nurture the organization to its present status as a leading organization for the marketing professoriate.

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